Our understanding of sustainability

CECONOMY and MediaMarktSaturn bundle all sustainability activities under one logo


Creating and shaping responsibility

To remain successful in the long term, we want to reconcile our activities along the value chain with the ecological, social and legal parameters. Together with MediaMarktSaturn as the core of our business activities we decided to shape and influence responsible and sustainable business. CECONOMY is also a role model for the entire industry.


Our sustainability strategy

As Europe's largest consumer electronics retailer, we are committed to playing a leading role in addressing global key challenges - for people, communities, and the environment alike. Our levers: the way we work operationally and how we guide our employees on sustainability issues for success; and the way we educate consumers on all aspects of sustainability related to consumer electronics.

Our sustainability strategy is based on two main pillars:

Strengthen the sustainability of our operations

We aim to strengthen the sustainability of our operations. To do this, we set targets to reduce carbon emissions and packaging waste, ensure labor and human rights in the supply chain of our private labels and our suppliers, and set targets for a diverse workforce.

Enable a sustainable lifestyle for our customers

We aim to enable a sustainable lifestyle for our customers. To this end, we are expanding our sustainable product assortment; we are also setting for a superior customer guidance and education towards the conservation of our resources and, in this context, offering our customers the possibility to reuse, repair or recycle their products.

In order to implement these sustainability promises transparently, we have introduced the „BetterWay“ logo with MediaMarktSaturn, which bundles everything to do with sustainability, social justice and environmental protection.

You can find more information on BetterWay MediaMarkt and BetterWay Saturn here:

BetterWay MediaMarkt
BetterWay Saturn


Our mid-term goals

We have defined clear sustainability targets expressed in terms of financial year 2022/23. They include:

// Net zero direct carbon emissions of own operations (scope 1+2)

// Over 80 percent of our sales suppliers audited for labor and human rights compliance

// Doubling the number of sustainable products in our assortment (versus base year 2020)

Sustainability Key Figures

Environment & Social

DIRECT CO2-EMISSIONS OF OWN BUSINESS OPERATIONS Reduced by 78.5 % in financial year 2021/22 (since 2015)
SCOPE 3 EMISSIONS (in tCO2e) Approximately 1.4 m in financial year 2021/22
FROM RENEWABLE ENERGIES Approximately 90 % of our electricity in financial year 2021/22
Reduction of CO2 intensity (in t CO2e per € million total sales)

(in tCO2e)


EMPLOYEES From 130 nations in financial year 2021/22
WOMEN'S SHARE About 39 % in CECONOMY workforce in financial year 2021/22
LABOR AND HUMAN RIGHTS Over 98.8 % of Imtron production sites audited in financial year 2021/22
WOMEN IN MANAGE­MENT POSITIONS Total 13.9 % in financial year 2021/22 (Level 1 + 2) Level 1: 9.7%
Level 2: 12.3%
REPAIRS Approximately 3.2
m Group-wide in financial year 2021/22
MANUFACTURERS For about 48.8 % of our sales, manu­facturers are externally audited­/assessed for human rights
ENERGY CONSUMPTION Around 12 % of total energy consumption reduced since 2018/19

1 Scope 3.1 (non-traded goods) and Scope 3.4 (upstream transport and distribution), the CO2 intensity of Scope 3.1 emissions from the purchase of private label products is 15.35 t CO2e per € million of total sales (base year for this category is FY 2020/21).

Networks and ratings

CECONOMY belongs to selected sustainability networks and has important ratings.


EU Green Consumption Pledge

CECONOMY joined the European Commission's Green Consumption Pledge.

Learn more

UN Global Compact

CECONOMY is a member of UN Global Compact, the world's largest initiative for responsible corporate governance. The vision of the UN Global Compact is an inclusive and sustainable global economy based on its 10 universal principles.

Learn more

HDE Principles of Action

CECONOMY has signed the uniform principles of action of the German Retail Association (HDE) and is thus committed to responsible, sustainable action. In five guiding principles, the HDE defines the common understanding of the social role as entrepreneur, supplier, partner and employer.

Learn more (German)

German Diversity Charta

CECONOMY has been a signatory of the Diversity Charter since 2018. In doing so, we have declared our willingness to stand up for diversity and appreciation as an employer.

Learn more


The current ratings of CECONOMY AG:

our commitment


We take responsibility for emissions that arise directly or indirectly from our business activities along the value chain.

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We focus on clear labeling of sustainable products and services for our customers to promote sustainable consumption.

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We support innovative product solutions and service concepts that enable sustainable consumption.

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We are committed to socially relevant topics where we can contribute to enriching people's lives with our products, approaches and competencies.

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Supply chain

We take responsibility for our supply chain and want to create more transparency in the supply chain together with our customers, suppliers and employees.

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Information and documents on the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act

Non-Financial Group Report

Follow this link to see the separate Non-Financial Group Report including our strategic sustainability approach, as part of our current annual report:

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